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28 April 2011
Anyone knows if the size of the jacket determines the storage-space, or only the "jacket" size?
7 April 2011
I read your article and as I\'m an owner of a Jaktogo I\'d like to make few comments. Not getting stopped at the airport - probably staff is familiar with the Jaktogo by now, as it was in my case. I personally always take a normal boarding case along so that all my shoes, the laptop and other hard items go there.
And now the beast part - the Jaktogo is not made to be worn all the time and in fact you only need to wear it for 10 minutes - 5 at checkin and 5 at the gate. Meanwhile you have so many other options - bag it or just carry it over your arm as a normal coat. And by the way, WHY WOULD YOU SIT ON IT??? Oh and please guys don\'t get mixed up - THE JAKTOGO GOES OVER THE NORMAL COAT, not the other way around !!!!
Take it from a girl who has been there and done that more than once !
1 April 2011
Check out our Jaktogo review:

23 February 2011
Last week I was flying from London by Easy Jet. The stewardess was taken by surprise by Jaktogo with a comment “We know it’s luggage. You’ll have to check it in.”. I asked her to repeat by saying “You’ll have to check your coat in.” Which she insisted that I do, so I asked for her supervisor. Upon arrival of the supervisor I kindly asked her to show me under which rule I have to check my coat in. I reminded her that it is after all a coat with valuables which has no security system and of course could be damaged by going into the hold. Will they take responsibility for that/ compensation? The result was no contest leading to them allowing me to board the plane with the Jaktogo even as a bag. The staff was informed. I don’t think we will be forced to check in our coats in my lifetime.
18 February 2011
Hi there,
Does anyone know what the shipment/delivery costs are for 1 jacket (size L) to the Netherlands?

17 February 2011
Answer to Hans: so far they have allowed it! it\'s our believe that they have as much change as charging for the toilet or weighing people!
17 February 2011
Dit is echt de oplossing voor onze guy .
17 February 2011
Het zal nu wel niet lang meer duren alvorens de prijsvechters deze truc doorhebben en ook de jas gaan wegen..
17 February 2011
Ciao ragazzi!
Vivo in Italia da due anni e il mio lavoro e collegato con molti voli da Italia sino altri paesi europei. Io sempre pago per il mio bagaglio fra 15 e 25 euro. Ho visto questo articolo di Jaktogo in un web site e ho deciso di provare. Ho riuscito di risparmiare i miei 25 euro per la prima volta. Jaktogo, mille grazie e baci da Stefani !!!

17 February 2011

Thank you for your comments and opinion about our product.
The reason behind the logo is that the airports get used to the fact that the bag with jaktogo logo is also a coat!
And they then will allow you to board without having to demonstrate as such. Saving unnecessary inconvenient.
Kind Regards,
- Innovative design
- Water and wind resistant
- Custom made in leather and denim
- Jacket or bag with 14 various sized pockets
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