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2 August 2016
I am going hiking abroad and wondering if anyone can comment on the qualities of synthetic sleeved Jakto as a waterproof coat or if they have enhanced its waterproofing with success?.
Also is it comfortable to wear just as a windproof extra layer in dry conditions i.e w/o all the stored items ? Is the fabric breathable or ?

Finally I am female. Just how big do women find the 'small' version?

3 July 2013
Dear Jaktogo Team,

I was searching the internet by google to find out about luggage restrictions for domestic flights in Nepal, such as Kathmandu to Lukla. Beside the right answer, max. 10 kg + 5 kg hand luggage, I found your Jaktogo. I was watching 2 movie-pieces from German TV and did some reading and searching about it. I could not find negative results and I could not find alternative cheaper suppliers. So, you got my order.

Now, I am looking forward to get it…and using it.

It always makes me so much angry when the airlines argue about 2 or 3 kg more in my luggage and my body weight is 73 kg. I easily could have 25 kg more on my body weight without any word to discuss and they just want to generate more cash out of my pocket.

Even in Indonesia it was so hassling: I bought a flight ticket from Denpassar (Bali) to Sorong (West Papua). This are 3 flight sectors and my main luggage had 23 kg. Nothing said on the ticket about luggage limits. My mistake was: I did not ask, I did assumed 20 kg with some tolerance. 2 Flight sectors allowed 20 kg and the last sector allowed only 15 kg. Now the hassle starts: being rejected at check-in, I had to go to the airline back office, waiting, waiting, waiting to get served. Than a lot of paper work because on each flight sector there are different exceed luggage prices per kg depending on distance. And the boarding time was over. In the end I paid about 25 € and got a special treatment rushing through security checks with a personal security officer and got a passenger car to the airplane waiting for me – very much “VIP”, however I prefer the regular hasslefree procedure.
Next time with your Jaktogo.
5 February 2013
Wrote about your jackets and people like the story. They klick a lot. http://casamillor.com/tipp-kofferjacke-spart-gepackgebuhren/
16 December 2012
I must say this is one of the best inventions I have seen. I can't wait to try it out.
4 July 2012
Here is my review of Jaktogo
21 May 2012
Great idea,but the price is very steep and it wouldnt be worth your while unless you were a frequent flyer
26 December 2011
love love laaahhhhve the jaktogo. use it for all my weekend trips to the dog shows...fits my dog, her outfits, bones, and squeaky toys too!!!!!!!!! however, perhaps due to the extra body heat we generate, i find the jaktogo to be a bit stuffy. any chance you plan to make this product in quick-dri fabric?
1 November 2011
With the 2 new items available, this means if you seriously want to bring some luggage, you can wear a Yaktogo Dress, Poncho and a Coat at the same time and get a staggering 40-45 KG extra weight in?!!!

(ofcourse you must be in pretty good shape and a nugget short of a happymeal to try and walk around like this)
2 August 2011
Hey Jaktogo!
Got a bit worried at first when a heard of a new way to beat the luggage restriction rules and went to check it out - fantastic !!! Just when I was thinking that my jacket was ugly ... if you paid me I wouldn't wear that. So i don't think you should have any worries. Good luck in the future. It's nice to see more and more the Jaktogo being used and I guess they will never be called ugly again .
Jaktogo Team
10 May 2011
Dear Csiszi, the size corresponds with the jacket size but it is also relevant to the volume of luggage one can store. The bigger the size, the more luggage it can accommodate.
Jaktogo team
- Innovative design
- Water and wind resistant
- Custom made in leather and denim
- Jacket or bag with 14 various sized pockets
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